THREE BUOYS Deep Drop Tile Fish Rigs




ChatterLures prides itself in providing our customers with nothing but the BEST, in doing so we are happy to announce the arrival of our Deep Drop Tile Fish Rigs made by THREE BUOYS!

These rigs are handmade in the U.S.A. !!!

Crafted with (2) 10/0 VMC 8386 3X Tournament Non-Offset Circle Hooks, this rig is specifically designed to produce the meat. It features a 12 foot section of 150 lb. main line and stealthy 100 lb. branch lines, the longer branch lines allow the fish to inhale the bait while not feeling the load of the main line, resulting in a higher hook up ratio. The rigs also feature a Micro #5 Owner Gummy Glow Bead over the finishing crimp, designed to entice more bites.


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