19″ Side Tracker with 9″ SOFT HEAD Machine Lures



  • 19″ Spreader Bar with patented Side Tracker Bird and 2 outside stabilizing 5″ chatter birds.
  • (10) 9″ SOFT HEAD Machine Lures. 3-4-3 + Stinger Design. (1) Free Spinning Chatter Bird on each teaser line.
  • #250Momoi Smoke Blue Main Line
  • #200 Momoi Smoke Blue Teaser Lines
  • Diamond crimps (bench crimped)
  • Diamond Chafe Tube at all critical points
  • #350 AFW Ball Bearing Snap Swivel in 9″ Version
  • 12″ SOFT HEAD Machine Stingers with 9/0 QuickRig Koga Hook

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Ghost Purple, Green, Green Ghost, Orange Zucchini, Purple, Purple/Zucchini, Watermelon


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